Zero-Draft V-Process Casting
Rapid Prototype Casting
AS9100C | ISO 9110:2008 | ITAR

At TPi Arcade, their 55,000 total square-foot, computer controlled facilities house state-of-the-art computer controlled equipment run by our manufacturing experts. Compared with a typical sand foundry, we produce finer finishes and cast to tighter and more consistent tolerances. The result? An upgrade in quality at a comparable or even lower total cost.

We provide a multitude of process advantages, not always available from traditional casting suppliers including…

  • Zero Degree Draft
  • 125-150 RMS Finish
  • Tighter Tolerances
  • Thinner Walls
  • Unlimited Pattern Life

Rapid Turnarounds as Low as 1-2 weeks for First Article Castings
and 2-4 weeks for Production

High Degree of Design Flexibility, Material Integrity, Dimensional Accuracy & Consistency – thanks to our Fully-Automated, Custom Molding Line.

The V-PROCESS is truly a crossover process, which competes with:

Sand castings on a value-added basis
Investment castings on a cost basis
Permanent mold castings on a cost of labor and capacity basis
Die castings on a cycle basis (at the prototype stage and when the die needs to be replaced at the end of the life of the product)