Stamping Methods

Less Volume – Rapid Prototyping

  • Samples or prototypes
  • Typically less than 1,000 parts annually
  • Manufacture with lasers, turrets, water jet machines, and press brakes
  • No tooling costs, higher piece price

Short to Medium Run Volume

  • Typically 1,000 to 40,000 parts annually
  • Manufacture with stage tools built and maintained in house for life of part
  • Usually one tool for each operation (e.g., blank, form, pierce)
  • Shared die sets to reduce tool cost
  • Less expensive tools, lower piece price

Longer Run Volume

  • Typically 40,000 parts or more annually
  • Manufacture with progressive tools built and maintained in house
  • One tool for all operations
  • Final part produced with each stroke of the press
  • More expensive tool, lower piece price

Types of Fabrication

Lasers | Turrets |Press Brakes

  • Waterjet

Waterjet available with the new state of the art, 60,000 psi Flow Mach 3 waterjet offers an extremely wide range of processing capabilities:

  • Will cut up to 6” thick of nearly any material and hardness,
    (except diamond or tempered glass).
  • Eliminates thermal expansion and HAZ (Heat Affected Zone)
  • No issues with processing reflective materials as for our laser systems.
  • Cutting speeds up to 300 ipm., sheet sizes 6’ x 12’ and under.
  • Accuracy of .002 over 3 linear feet.

5 axes of motion will open new doors for HV and its customers. The waterjet, when combined with our expansive equipment list, allows HV engineering staff to take a surgical approach in selecting ideal methods of manufacturing.

5 axis waterjet cutting:

  • Will eliminate edge taper, which accompanies all laser, punching and conventional waterjet practice.
  • Improves edge quality, providing a cleaner surface and faster cutting speeds, without sacrificing quality.